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What can Carrus Fleet Management Services do for you?

Our approach would be to conduct an Assessment, evaluating improvement opportunities in the following sectors of you Fleet Operations:

What are your processes? Do you keep track of the exact mileage and distance…

What tracking systems do you have in place? Do they supply you with all the necessary information needed to make good fleet operation decisions.

How is your fleet structured? Do you have enough drivers to occupy fleet and business at all times. No down time?

What condition are your vehicles? Do you maintain your fleet on a regular basis? Can you maintain your fleet in an efficient and productive manner.

Cost & Performance
What are your costs? Are you spending more than you should be? Are you performing to your fullest potential?

How do we do this?

The Beginning of our Evaluation Process

Carrus Fleet Management Services would come into your company and do an overall assessment/evaluation ( 2- 4 days ) thereafter provide the client with a rough estimate of savings. Our aim is to save the client money whilst reducing risk and improving operational efficiency and throughput.  

Detailed Evaluation and Active Solutions in Action

After you have seen our approach and effective systems that will work for your company, we begin the evaluation process in drastic detail that will verify large savings and improvement opportunities.

The end product will be a presentation where we present a plan/roadmap from AS IS to the TO BE over a time period between 12 to 36 months.

Accept our Plan of Action and Start Saving Big Money!

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