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Our Products | Management Systems Offered

Together with our services, we provide the following management systems, that will improve and kick start our plan of action :

Fuel Management System

1. Bulk fuel management and managed refuelling systems that provided real time data
on bulk fuel tank levels and how much fuel is dispatched to which vehicle. 

This enables the client to calculate fuel consumption from a refuel to refuel basis. 
The odometer of the vehicle is either keyed in at the pump of can be automatically
downloaded should the Mix Telematics system be used. Out of norm fuel consumption
 is reported and flagged.

Maintenance Management System 

1. Our maintenance management software enables :

a. Vehicle Maintenance Scheduling;
b. Job card costing;
c. Maintenance cost recording;
d. Warranty management;
e. Procurement and stores;
f. Vehicle rental functionality; and  
g. Cost / Productivity reporting;

2. Pre and post maintenance inspection software

3. Pre and post trip vehicle defect recording

2. Anti-fuel syphoning devices that fits into the tank to prevent the fuel theft from the vehicle.

3. Real time monitoring of fuel in the tank of the vehicle.

4. Canbus interphase to the engine control unit that reports on the fuel the vehicle has actually consumed.   If the liters  of refuel transaction exceed the actual fuel burned by the engine on the trip, then fuel irregularities are flagged and reported.  

Vehicle Tracking System

1. We fit an on-board computer to the vehicle that does:

a. Vehicle tracking;

b. Enable the recovery process of stolen vehicle;

c. Track accidents and incidents;

d. Measures, scores and report on driver behaviour such as speeding,
excessive idling, overrevving, harsh breaking and acceleration and vehicle abuse.

2. We offer a 24/7 control centre that monitors vehicles for driver violations such
as speeding, no-go areas, unauthorised stopping and panic alerts.

3. How is my driving call centre where the public could phone in to report rouge
driving practices.

Delivery Execution / Movement Management System

1. Our trip management software will keep your client informed  of :

a. Route deviations;
b. Customers visited;  
c. Time spent at delivery or collection point;
d. Reconciling the actual distances travelled and operating hours operated
   with a scheduled operation;
e. Route navigation;
f. POD and delivery confirmation;

2. Optimised scheduling of vehicles to ensure increased throughput and productivity; and  

3. In Cab / Vehicle driver communication;  ( All conversations with drivers / groups of drivers are recorded and reported.