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Fleet and Logistics Consulting Services

1. Logistics and fleet management structure and assessment;

2. Management, Supervisory and Controller Training / Coaching;

3. Performance evaluation;

4. Management reporting and dashboards

5. Driver skill assessment and training

6. Establishing fleet control centres / control towers

7. Establishing fleet management

Schematic presentation of our systems

Below is a Schematic presentation of our systems, services and products. We are convinced that our team can create “LUCK” and savings through systems.

We have projects where we respectively have exceeded our financial saving targets by 216% and 110%. 

We are quite comfortable to call savings as we have been doing this now for the past 18 years and have good feel for what the numbers should be on a logistics and/or fleet function. 

“ Carrus Fleet Management Services has saved me in excess of 35% on my Fleet Operational cost” - Kutu Venter Mpatamacha (Game Capturing Operation)

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We promise to save you money by reducing your fleet operational risk.

We will work together with your company to create a safe fleet operation.