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Why Choose Carrus Fleet Management Services?

We care about your company and your employees. We will work together with your company to create a safe fleet operation. We promise to save you money by reducing your fleet operational risk.

We will help you create a positive impact on your safety records, which will also improve your overall fleet operations. Our goal is to reduce your costs.

Our Values

• We are pro-active
• Begin with the end in mind
• Prioritise and put first things first
• Think win-win

• Synergise
• First try and understand your needs and
  then communicate clearly to be   understood

Some History About Carrus Fleet Management Services

Carrus Fleet Management Services was established in 2005. Carrus has a good track record in various industries which include Specialised Transport, Mining, Construction, Commercial Agriculture, Courier and General Logistics.

Our team consists of well qualified Fleet Consultants, with senior management experience in related industries.

We have implemented numerous successful turn-around strategies and optimisation projects over the past 13 years.

Carrus has well established and long standing partnerships with world class fleet systems and technology suppliers. All our systems are well tested products that stay abreast with the latest trends and technologies.


Pilanesberg Platinum Mines (PPM) hereby acknowledge all efforts of Carrus Fleet Management (CFM) tracking mine vehicles the last 4 years very effectively.

PPM also wants to thank CFM for the recent efforts and commitment in order to establish controls around fuel management which includes:

• Fuel Dispensing
• Fuel Volumes
• Machine Hours
• Fuel Consumption

This project allowed PPM to identify specific areas of gaps and improvement with our contractors, especially with drilling contractors.

Aart Broekhuizen